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Official Information Thread

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Official Information Thread Empty Official Information Thread

Post by Brandon on Fri Jul 25, 2008 2:28 pm

Okay, Updates aren't gonna work, so here I post all Information about the game (as much as I can, anyways.)

Genre - Action/Adventure
This game is set up like SSB/Classic Kirby Games.
Inspiration - Windows Movie Maker failed on me when I was making a Kirby Animation... so I plan to revive that in this game's adventure.
Using - Game MAker 7 Lite


Official Information Thread Mainmenu
Official Information Thread 1-pmode


An outbreak of evil monsters/creatures have spread across Kirby's universe, and all Kirbys are set out to catch them. (so not really bounty hunting, jus savin the world - i prefer to call it "Bounty Hunting" as you get rewards for catching/beating more creatures/bosses/etc. in adventure) After one of these trips, Kirby's coming back home, seeing a mass army of Waddle Dee's and Blade Knights/Sword Knights coming from King DeDeDe's Castle. 2 of these creatures that haven't been transformed evil yet, (theyre also Kirby's friends) catch up with Kirby and flee. While hiding, Kirby sees Marx in the sky (at this point and time, he was like, an evil god) so Kirby left his friends and went off after him. The rest you find out after playing Wink . (This is also what I plan to be the first screenplay.)


Classic Sidescrolling
Arena Style Versus Mode
Classic/Original Stages
Classic/Original Music
Characters from all Kirby Games (and MAYBE requests from members of the forum)
Character Count: 35
Stage Count: >15
Minigame Count: >5
Song Count: atleast one from each game + originals.
Adventure Chapters Count: >10


There will be FIVE Secret Characters in the game! (not requests either)
I have calculated the characters' strengths/weaknesses... and have come up with the starting roster - 10 characters! lol! really...
You start off with 5 stages.
You start off with 3 minigames.
You will start out with 3 songs.



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Official Information Thread Empty Re: Official Information Thread

Post by SlashDuffIzzy on Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:54 am

I'm stoked for this! Can't wait til it comes out

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